Cup, 2019, Oil on Oil Paper, 25 cm x 20 cm
Red Chair, Oil on Wood, 30cm x 21 cm, 2019
Pliers, Oil stick on Oil Paper, 41 cm x 31 cm, 2020
PS3 Controller, Graphite on Wood, 21 cm x 30 cm, 2019
Oil and pencil image on oil paper of fork with two different varieties of yellow paint as background
Fork, Oil on oil paper, 40cm x 30cm, 2019
Oil stick drawing of a pair of scissors
Scissors, Oil Stick on Oil Paper, 40 cm x 30 cm, 2019
Oil painting on wooden panel of indoor door-handle
Door Handle, Oil on Panel, 60cm x 50cm x 4cm, 2018
Oil Painting on Wooden Panel of Double-Socket and two Plugs with Wires.
Double socket, Oil on Panel, 60cm x 50cm x 4cm, 2018
Grid II, Oil Paint on Oil Paper, 56.5 cm x 56.5 cm, 2018
A simple sketch of a cup with a small spherical object beside it
Cup with ball, Pencil on Paper, 20.8cm x 14.8cm, 2017
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